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Supply Chain Solutions / Material Management

Eoff wants to be more than your supplier, we want to be your logistics partner. To that end, we offer a group of value-added services from simple to complex to meet your inventory and job site management challenges.

We are focusing on supporting our customers' business strategies and reducing their overall cost. We do this by leveraging our expertise in purchasing, distribution, material handling and logistics related services.

Eoff can assist with solutions for storerooms large and small, service vans, job sites and more.
We can manage aspects of receiving, preparation & delivery for large construction projects.

Save Time

  • Receive material on the job site when and where needed
  • Products can be organized and packed in a convenient portable platform
  • Spend less time moving and storing materials
  • Have packing materials removed before delivery
  • Spend less time recycling

Save Money

  • Reduce labor costs for moving and storing materials
  • Reduce time spent disposing of recyclable materials
  • Reduce time spend removing packing materials

Improve Efficiency

  • Less materials stored on the job site
  • Product arrives on time for installation
  • Product can be delivered free of packing material and ready for installation
  • Product has been checked for damage and freight claims processed
  • Material can be marked for specific floors, areas, locations

Let us create a customized solution for you!